Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a fixed monthly charge for a 12 month cycle.
Budget Billing is a fixed monthly charge for a one year period. It’s a great way to plan for household expenses as your amount due will not vary from month to month, saving you from the unpredictable changes in your water bill.

Billing Amount & Fees

Billing Amount:
The monthly budget bill is calculated using the previous year’s account history.  To find out your Budget Bill amount, call customer service at 603-362-4299 or email customerservice@hampsteadwater.com.

There are no fees or service charges for enrollment, to participate in Budget Billing, or for cancellation.


Requirements include:

  • Must be a residential account (not a business/commercial account).
  • Must be a HAWC customer for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Must be set up for a no-fee recurring payments in MyHAWC. HAWC accepts all major credit cards and bank ACH payments.
  • Accounts with overdue balances are not eligible for the program.

Payments & Reconciliation

Accounts that are on Budget Billing must also be set-up for Auto Pay (Automatic Recurring Payments).  Refer to “Billing & Payment Information” for additional info about payment options.

Accounts are reconciled each October. The new Budget Billing amount will be reflected on your November bill, which is the first bill in the 12 month cycle.     

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be paying for water I’m not using?
Changes in lifestyle or in weather can affect your water use. Some months you may pay for more than what you use, and others you may pay less. Your account will be reconciled in October of each year and total cost at the end of the 12-month cycle will be the same as without Budget Billing.

What if the reconciled amount is different than the payments I’ve been making?
The October bill will reflect the reconciled amount. If you overpaid, the amount will be credited to your account and will appear on your November bill. You may request a refund by check or credit card, or we can apply the credit towards your account. If there is a balance due (you used more water than estimated for the 12-month cycle), the total amount due will be taken through Auto Pay on the next due date.

When will I know my Budget Billing amount for the next 12-months?
After the October account reconciliation, the account will be reviewed and recalculated based upon the actual usage for the prior 12 month cycle.  The Budget Billing amount will be adjusted, if necessary, using current water supply rates. If applicable, the new Budget Billing amount will be reflected on your November bill, which is the first bill in the 12 month cycle.

If I’m on Budget Billing, can I pay extra toward my bill?
You may. However, any extra amount paid will automatically change the amount due for the next month’s bill. For example: The budget amount of your current bill is $100 but you make payment in the amount of $125. Your account will be credited for the $125 payment. The next billing period, your bill will reflect an amount due of $75 (rather than the normal $100).

What happens to the monthly amount if there is a rate change?
If there are changes to the water rates your monthly amount will change accordingly.  Click here to view the current Water Rates & Fee Info.


To apply for Budget Billing, please complete the following form and click “send”.  Once submitted, HAWC customer service will contact you within 1-2 business days to provide approval status of the application and discuss terms as necessary.

Budget Billing Application

Date of Request for Budget Billing:*

Acct #:

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Mailing Information

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Terms & Conditions:

Once enrolled, the account will remain on Budget Billing (“the program”) as long as it continues to meet the eligibility requirements or until you request to cancel the plan. You may withdraw from budget billing at any time. There are no fees for cancellation of the program. Any money owed to HAWC in the deferred balance would be due and payable with the next bill.
The program amount is based upon current rates and the account’s water usage history. Accounts enrolled in the program will be reviewed and reconciled yearly in October. HAWC will recalculate the program amount to ensure the account remains on the program with an accurate budget amount. Upon reconciliation, any over-payment amount will be credited to the account (or if you prefer, you may request a refund as long as you have made all of the monthly payments), any underpayments must “true-up” and pay the balance of what is owed by November 30th of each year. The November bill is the first bill after review and reconciliation of the account. The new budget bill amount will be reflected on this bill.
HAWC reserves the right to increase or decrease the program amount at any time for any reason; for example, to reflect changes in utility costs or usage, under calculated amounts, or other circumstances that cause the budget amount to vary significantly from the originally calculated starting amount or the program year’s budget amount. Should it be necessary to modify the budget bill amount you will receive advanced notification.
Accounts on the program must remain current. Accounts on the program must be set up for Auto Pay (recurring payments), unless otherwise determined by HAWC. HAWC accepts all major credit cards as well as checking/savings information for Auto Pay. In the event that the account becomes past due HAWC reserves the right to cancel the program and require all past due balances be paid immediately. Should the account will not be eligible to re-apply or participate in the program thereafter.

By signing this application, I agree to the Terms and Conditions for HAWC's Budget Biling Program.

Full Name of Primary Applicant*

Full Name of Additional Applicant

By entering my FULL NAME, I acknowledge and agree that I am electronically signing this Budget Billing Application, just as if I had signed the form using my handwritten signature.

The above information is solely for Hampstead Area Water Company, Inc.'s use and will not be provided to any parties.


You may opt-out from Budget Billing at any time by contacting us. Your account will be reconciled at the time of your cancellation and any amount owed will become due on the next month’s bill. Please note, if you opt-out of Budget Billing your recurring payments will continue.

To Cancel Budget Billing:
Call 603-362-4299, or email us at customerservice@hampsteadwater.com and a representative will assist you. We are available Monday through Friday between 8:00am – 4:30pm.

Cancellation Fee:
There are no fees for canceling Budget Billing?

If you move out of HAWC service area, your final bill will be calculated based upon your actual usage for the period of billing. If you have a credit balance after this amount is calculated, you will receive a refund by check. Contact us to Cancel Service.


Questions about Budget Billing? Contact us.