Late Payment/Non-Payment

HAWC bills monthly for water services.
Payment is due within 25 days of issuance.
If you experience an unforeseen issue and are not able to make payment by the due date please contact us to discuss your situation. 

Late FeesDue Date

Water Bills are due 25 days from the billing date.  Any payment received after the due date is subject to a flat-rate late fee of $10.00.

Disconnection for Non-Payment

Disconnection Hang Tag

Letter Notification:
If your account is 30 days past due by $50 or more, HAWC will send  a “Notice of Disconnect” via US postal service a minimum of 14 days prior to the proposed date of disconnection.

A yellow “URGENT NOTICE” hang-tag will be posted at the water service location if the balance remains unpaid or a mutually agreed arrangement has not been set-up by the day prior to the proposed disconnection date. The notice is to ensure you are aware of the pending disconnection.

Failure to make payment or contact HAWC by 12:00 PM EST on the scheduled date of disconnect will result in water service disconnection.  In the event of water service disconnection, payment of the entire past due balance as well as a Disconnection Fee ($45.00) AND a Reconnect Fee ($45.00) will be required to restore service.

On-site Collection:
A $45.00 On-Site Collection charge will be applied to the account should payment be made to HAWC after HAWC has arrived at the water service location on the scheduled date of disconnection.

After-Hours Water Service Restoration:
HAWC is not required to restore water service after normal business hours.  Should HAWC choose to restore water service after-hours the reconnection fee will be $67.50.
Important Notice: Your Rights – By NH Public Utilities Commission Order No. 14,411 you are advised that you may bring any complaint, problem, concern, or comment to the attention of the Consumer Assistance Department at the Public Utilities Commission by calling 800-852-3793. Applicable rates, rules and regulations under which service is provided are detailed in the HAWC Tarriff.