New Service/Cancel Service


If you are purchasing or renting a house, condo, or apartment please review and select the applicable application below.


If you are purchasing or renting a place of business please select the application below.

Cancel Water Service 

Final Water Bills will be issued upon request of the customer of record due to sale/foreclosure/title transfer/vacancy/end of occupancy.  Only the customer of record may cancel water services and close an account. The customer of record is responsible for all charges until HAWC is properly notified.  HAWC performs final water meter readings once per week on Fridays only. The final water bill will include water usage and a prorated base charge for the number of days water service was provided during the billing period.

 To initiate the cancellation process please select one of the following options:

By Phone: Call Customer Service at (603) 362-4299
By Email: Send to
Online with MyHAWC:

  • Login to MyHAWC
  • Under the Services tab, select “Terminate Service”
  • Confirm/enter the required fields
  • Submit Request