Water Rates & Fee Info

Rates, rules, & regulations under which service is provided are detailed in the HAWC Tariff.
Water rates ares regulated by the NHPUC; view annual rates for other NH water companies.

HAWC’s Water Rate Structure

(Effective June 7, 2013, Per NH PUC Order Number 25,519)

Base Charge:
The Base Charge is the minimum charge for availability of water provided to the water service location. The cost of the Base Charge is determined by the meter size for the water service.

Meter Size:              Monthly Charge:
5/8″                           $10.00
3/4″                           $20.00
1″                              $30.00
1 1/2″                        $60.00
2″                              $100.00

Water Usage Charge:
The Water Usage Charge is the cost for water supplied that has passed through the water meter at the water service location.  HAWC’s water meters measure in cubic feet.  The current water rate is $5.02 per 100 cubic feet of water.  (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons)

This is equal to:
$0.0067 per gallon
$0.67 per 100 gallons
$0.05 per 1 cubic foot (7.48 gallons)


Fire Protection Fees:
The fire protection fee is the charge for availability of water and water pressure provided by HAWC to the water service location for interior water sprinkler systems intended to aid in case of fire.

Residential Fire Protection
       There are NO fees for residential fire protection.

Commercial Fire Protection
       The cost is determined by the size of the water line providing the fire protection service.

Size of Water Line:            Monthly Fee:
1 1/2″                                   $8.34
2″                                         $16.67
3″                                         $33.34
4″                                         $50.00
6″                                         $125.00


Service Call Fees:
Some examples of service calls are: water shut-off requests, water service restoration, frozen meters, and required inspections. Any equipment or parts required to perform repairs, if necessary, will be changed separately.  HAWC does not provide plumbing services (please refer to “Who Owns What” for additional information).

During normal business hours – $45.00 per person/per hour
(8:00 AM – 4:30 PM)

Emergency Service Calls – $67.50 per person/per hour
(after normal business hours)